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Free Carrots #3: Additional Software

Free Carrots is an ongoing series of helpful tips for using Plan 9.

For once, application development on 9front is outpacing OS development. It can be hard to keep up, especially if, like myself, you hardly ever find yourself sitting in front of a computer. The following is a list of interesting recent projects by 9front users that are not currently included with the 9front distribution.

9pzone - Public registry service for 9p services, OS agnostic.

bar - Displays battery, date and time in a small, auto-topping bar placed in a corner of the screen.

castor9 - Surf gemini pages in a GUI.

gemnine - Surf gemini pages in a text window.

minivmac - Boot a Mac on 9front instead of booting 9front on a Mac.

neindaw - DAW as a file system (use with orca).

netsurf - APE port with Plan 9 native frontend. Works.

orca - ORCĪ› for Plan 9.

picker - Color picker.

rc-gemd - Serve gemini pages.

rio live theming with /dev/theme - It’s not treason (see below).

riow - Virtual desktops and window management (like dwm).

treason - Video player. Can be used to view YouTube videos.

whiteboardfs - Collaborative drawing.

zuke - Music player. Like juke(7), but good.

cat playing with a carrot