Mostly Helpful Stuff

Concealed Carry

Everything I use I have to carry with me. That means paper books are usually out of the question. But I do manage to lug around quite a lot of other useful tools, toys, and materials. It helps to conceal it all inside socially low observable prop gear. No one questions this stuff because either they believe I’m on their side, or they’re afraid I’ll mention politics. Owing to differences in geography and climate, YMMV.

It all adds up to only two bags, which I can actually lift, even with my compromised back. This is my roving office, from which I create comics, zines, and write blog posts such as the one you’re reading right now.


5.11 Tactical 56892

5.11 Tactical 56892

Upper pouch contents:

5.11 Tactical 56892 - lower pouch

Lower pouch contents:

5.11 Tactical 56892 - top pocket

Top pocket contents:

5.11 Tactical 56892 - interior

Interior contents:

Messenger Bag

5.11 Tactical 56176

5.11 Tactical 56176

Left pouch contents:

Right pouch contents:

5.11 Tactical 56176 - back

Back pouch contents:

5.11 Tactical 56176 - interior

Interior contents:

Side pocket contents: